Taking control of your world

Our Purpose

Fluidity Technologies delivers highly intuitive, single-handed, plug and play input devices, enabling rapid and precise movement in our physical and virtual worlds


“Throughout his storied career at NASA, Astronaut-Physician-Inventor Scott Parazynski experienced the complexity and hazards of moving in a moving world, from spacewalks constructing and repairing the International Space Station to summitting Mount Everest under extreme conditions. Pursuing safe and precise movement – imagine controlling the Space Shuttle’s robotic arm or piloting high performance jet aircraft – presents a physical and mental challenge to many operators, often described as cognitive overload.


To move as they wish, an operator requires global situational awareness while manipulating complex control systems that often impose a heavy training burden. Dr. Parazynski observed that current-day controllers often ignore the root intent of the operator, such as the desired end state or ideal flight path. The guiding purpose of Fluidity Technologies is to address these design conflicts so an operator can easily move as they wish through any physical or virtual space.


Using an astronaut’s perspective on intuitive motion through space, Fluidity Technologies patented a precise hardware control device with adaptive software that can quickly teach a 5-year-old to intuitively interact with virtual worlds, control a drone, or even fly a full-size helicopter.


Imagine a world in which drone and AR technology enables a neurosurgeon to tele-perform complex brain surgery from Houston on a patient in Sub-Saharan Africa. Picture a cardiologist practicing a life-saving procedure on a virtual model of her patient prior to the first cut, flying a catheter through the patient’s virtual clogged arteries, then repeating the procedure for real having already been inside their body. This is now possible thanks to Fluidity Technologies. We haven’t just thought outside the box. We’ve built a new one!”